It’s Happening…….

Something. In Manchester. Soon.

It’s going to be bigger and better than Joyride Playground and not all based in one venue

Interested? Get in contact at

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Finished Shutters

Pictures stolen from Sheila Blige. Go Check out Sheila’s flickr HERE

From left to right: Ventza, Deus, Melo and Mr Penfold

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Shutter painting

The soup Kitchen allowed us to paint their shutters before Joyride Playground opened. Artists involved were Ventza, Mr Penfold, Melo and Deus. Big ups to the boys fr painting in the dark, and then in the snow. Photos courtesy of Mr Penfold. More snaps top follow……

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D17’s photos

HldTght’s good friend Andrew came down to take some snaps during the open studio week and on the preview night. You can check out Andrew’s work here

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Lispencie’s photos of HldTght

Artist Lispencie who took part in Joyride Playground took these ace photos of all the finished work. You can check out Lispencie’s work on her flickr. Her piece for HldTght s the green and blue tiger painting

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FAO: All HldTght Artists

The Soup Kitchen are starting their renovation works on the basement space we used for the exhibition. If you have anything in the space you want to keep please go to the Soup Kitchen before Tuesday 11th and collect it.

Opening times can be seen on thier website, get in contact with me if you need to go outside these hours as you will need to arrage it with the bars management, and I can give you their number.

Once again, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who took park in Joyride Playground and made it so god damn good. If you have any ideas on things you would like to do with us drop us an email at and we’l let you know if we can get the space for you.

But for now. Well done Manchester. Lets keep up the good vibes.

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Opening Hours Extended!

The Lovely lads at Soup Kitchen have said we can have their basement till Mid to late February! So Joyride Playground can stay open for even longer for all you beauties to come and see the show.

We now just need your help invigilating and keeping the show running. We intend to be open wed-Sat throughout January and February. If you Volunteer to invigilate there is sofas,  free soft drinks, speakers and wi-fi in the space. Luxury I tell you! Get in contact at if your interested.


Also….if your interested in using the space for something-film screenings, plays, gigs, life drawing, dance classes, workshops, Whatever, just give us a shout and we’l speak to the venue for you. We have alot of space, with a really unusual city center setting and we are welcoming groups to use it. Again, get in contact at

Merry Christmas to all you Rotters.


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